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Contracting Resources Group provides a variety of services to federal agencies, including Acquisition Support, Program and Project Management, Strategic Planning, Training and Facilitation, Market Research and Analysis, and IT Professional Services.

Program and Project Management

With over nine years of experience, CRG has the ability to perform program and project management to the federal government serving large scale programs.  Using seasoned project management professionals, CRG has the capability and resources to manage multiple projects simultaneously, effectively taking each project from first concept to start-up and operations, and close-out.  CRG develops comprehensive project management plans, ensures project goals are met, tracks all milestones and deliverables, manages all project resources, and performs all work within budget.  CRG will perform a thorough risk identification and analysis, anticipating and eliminating any project delays through program and project completion.

Program Evaluation

CRG specializes in health promotion program evaluation with a focus on empowerment evaluation, building and supporting federal agencies’ infrastructure for evaluation, and program evaluation project management.  CRG employs a team of program evaluation subject matter experts with experience in the full range of program planning and evaluation activities including evaluability assessment, evaluation consulting, literature review and theoretical evaluation, needs assessment, process, outcome, and impact evaluation for federal agencies.  The CRG team also has skills and expertise in health administration, program management, health promotion and public health evaluation frameworks, survey development, providing training on program evaluation, data management, systematic review, qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, and program evaluation reporting (including in peer-reviewed, scientific publications).

Acquisition Support

CRG holds extensive experience providing acquisition management and support services to federal agencies.  CRG is able to streamline existing acquisition processes, eliminating organization and program risk while providing continual support throughout program acquisition life-cycles.   These services include cradle to grave acquisition functions, contract program and project management, and preparation of all contract documentation for all pre/post award functions.  CRG acquisition experts guide agencies toward the most efficient and cost effective acquisition strategy to ensure that the implementation of the strategy is successful in meeting procurement requirements, performance goals, and supports agency mission.

Strategic Planning

CRG provides business, organization, and program strategic planning to the federal government.  CRG assists organizational leadership and stakeholders to identify the current situation, analyze organizational culture, and identify and define goals and objectives.  CRG will develop a strategic plan that positions a road-map to support strategic direction while providing a plan that is easily implemented and executed into the organization.  CRG creates a unique strategic solution that focuses on each organization or program, clearly defining mission goals and processes that allow for enhanced performance.

Market Research and Analysis

CRG understands the importance of effective market research in developing agency needs and requirements while analyzing current market conditions.  The federal government places emphasis on market research during business, program, and acquisition planning.  Market research is a key element of achieving agency objectives, initiatives, and goals, discovering lessons learned and uncovering cutting edge services, technology, and products.  CRG utilizes extensive industry and government knowledge along with proven resources, tools, and techniques to provide the most accurate and inclusive market research exclusive to each agency and requirement.

Training and Facilitation

With an extensive list of training courses offered to federal agencies, CRG is able to provide training services that fit a range of requirements.   In addition to these courses, CRG has the capability to develop customized courses in support of agencies, organizations, and programs that require specific skills and knowledge.  CRG employs highly qualified trainers and facilitators who are experienced in both course content and emphasizing information retention and sustainability.

CRG offers the federal government comprehensive facilitation services. Following a proven approach, CRG ensures the understanding of meeting goals and objectives, identifies and prepares the right people to achieve desired meeting outcomes, supports the logistical aspects of the meeting, and captures results that focus on a common understanding of the meeting outcomes and accomplishments.  CRG's broad range of facilitation services enable agency leaders to focus directly on achieving their meeting outcomes and fulfilling their leadership roles within the organization.

IT Professional Services

CRG performs comprehensive, solution-based projects for improving work-flow within a technical environment.  CRG offers a range of IT professional services to the federal government including:

  • Database planning and design
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Programming and implementation support
  • Network services project management
  • Data records management
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