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CRG excels at helping federal agencies plan, manage, and execute mission critical operations, deliver valued-added program support services, and meet program and compliance requirements. Founded in 2002, CRG has supported numerous agencies and possesses an extensive background in program management, acquisition life-cycle, research and evaluation, financial management, and strategic consulting services. Over the years, the range and complexity of services has expanded, however our mission has remained the same —to deliver what our customers need to be successful.

Program Management

At CRG, we believe that taking a proactive approach to project management is critical to our success and to fulfilling our mission – to help our customers succeed. We are a projectized organization and employ a team of seasoned Program Management Professionals (PMPs). Our PMs are fully supported by the corporate executive team and are given the autonomy and authority to make critical project decisions in consultation with the project’s technical and task leads. CRG relies on standardized processes and program management tools, including all phases of Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) and contract management throughout each phase of a project’s life-cycle. We developed our project management approach in accordance with the guidelines, processes, activities, deliverables, and ethical standards set forward in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK, 5th Edition).

Acquisition Life-Cycle

CRG holds extensive experience providing acquisition management and support services to federal agencies. CRG is able to streamline existing acquisition processes, minimizing organization and program risk while providing continual support throughout program acquisition life-cycles. These services include cradle to grave acquisition functions, requirements development, contract program and project management, and preparation of all contract documentation for all pre/post award and contract closeout functions. CRG acquisition experts guide agencies toward the most efficient and cost effective acquisition strategy to ensure that the implementation of the strategy is successful in meeting procurement requirements, performance goals, and supports agency mission.

Research and Evaluation

CRG's Research and Evaluation Division consists of a team of social scientists and public health professionals with expertise related to violence prevention; community coalitions; child, youth, and family development programs; Military health; behavioral health; chronic disease prevention; and HIV/AIDS prevention. Our team is committed to using research and evaluation to solve social and public health problems and help our clients and their programs succeed. We specialize in developmental and utilization-focused evaluation, program evaluation project management, and evaluation capacity building for Federal agencies. Our services include the full range of program planning and evaluation activities including: strategic planning, evaluability assessment, literature review and theoretical evaluation, needs assessment, process, outcome, and impact evaluation.

Financial Management

CRG's financial management services and solutions assist federal agencies implement systems, processes, data collection methods, analysis, audit and validation procedures, and internal controls. Our team of Financial Analysts apply rigorous quality control to ensure that the financial information collected and reported is accurate, complete, and timely.

Strategic Consulting

CRG provides business, organization, and program strategic planning to the federal government. CRG assists organizational leadership and stakeholders to identify the current situation, analyze organizational culture, and identify and define goals and objectives.  CRG will develop a strategic plan that positions a road-map to support strategic direction while providing a plan that is easily implemented and executed into the organization. CRG creates a unique strategic solution that focuses on each organization or program, clearly defining mission goals and processes that allow for enhanced performance.

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